Bee The Buzz

Permaculture Buzz is the online community for the Permaculture Network of New Jersey and all related connections to organizations, groups and individuals, who have a deep respect for the natural world and web of life and who want to save this beautiful planet from the destructive human forces in motion right now.

By joining our Facebook and Meetup groups, you will hear about local opportunities and future events to meet people that are living on the edge. Living on the edge of change, where life is most interesting, where you're not taking up too much space, but making a difference with people from diverse backgrounds with a common goal: to change the world before it's too late. We have hope, courage, compassion, curiosity, and creativity.

We are gathering honey from many flowers, adding worker bees to our hive every minute of the day. We are a buzzing hive of action and adventure. Looking forward to hearing your success stories and what you have done and can do for today's generation and future generations of not only humans, but all life on this amazing planet. Join the buzz. Bee the buzz!